Africa Electronic Toll Collection System

How Africa Toll System can help you?

Our hard working team is always looking for ways to improve. For instance, our toll system software is already exceptionally efficient; however we strive to make it even more so. We firstly devote ourselves to providing top of the line hardware, secondly, completely customisable software, and thirdly, professional service. In short, our aim is for 100% client satisfaction.

All of this is accomplished through the development of innovative toll booth management software, and the sourcing of high quality hardware. In other words, our hardware manufacturers and suppliers are reliable, so you can expect only the best.

Our toll management system allows for Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC). This refers to the labeling of vehicles according to their classes. In other words, this is a system that ensures accountability through accurate vehicle detection and classification.

Our technology-based solutions enable the collection of tolls without requiring a vehicle to come to a full stop. 

This is otherwise known as a free flow tolling system, which makes it ultra user friendly and convenient for all owners and drivers of vehicles. To sum up, we are the best people you can have on your tolling team to ensure smooth running.